Make a frequent visit here to get the "latest" on the Chapter and its members.  The Maine Beacon is the primary newsletter of the Maine Chapter of HFMA. It is full of interesting articles and member news.

In addition, there is a link to take you to HFMA National's publications. The HFMA National publications link contains headline news, HFM magazine, HFMA Express News, HFMA Wants You To Know, HFMA On-Line Resource Guide, Patient Accounts Newsletter, Up-to-date Library and Store.

HFMA National's publications - HFMA National's publications bring you the latest industry news, legislative and regulatory updates, in-depth issue analyses and hands-on problem-solving techniques. Written expressively for professionals responsible for the financial leadership of America's healthcare system, HFMA's publications are the foremost resource for healthcare financial managers across the continuum of care.