Sponsorship Opportunity

Ongoing Needs and Opportunities

One of HFMA's most important roles is to serve as the primary educational resource for health care finance professionals. We strive to accomplish this challenge through continuing education programs which offer useful information to help our members be more successful in their jobs and, through special programs, help them grow professionally via peer interaction, certification, leadership training, and networking opportunities. We also offer CPE credits for most of our programs to assist many finance professionals maintain their licensure.

All of these activities are costly, both in terms of volunteer efforts behind the scenes, speaker preparation and presentation time, publicity, and "logistics" (registration, venues, food and beverage service, audio visual support, printing, postage, etc.).

We cannot accomplish our educational goals, much less expand them, without the support of our sponsors including our health care "provider" members, and, especially, the many health care product and service firms with whom they have business relationships.

Our Chapter can't exist without its members, can't function without volunteers, and can't be financially viable without sponsors. If you're a health care "provider," please help us identify (and solicit) sponsorships from firms who provide significant services to health care finance professionals.