280+ members (and growing by 5% each year) composed of the key financial decision makers (CFO/Vice-President Finance) in the Maine healthcare arena.

Our award association's award winning educational sessions which are provided 6 to 10 times per year provide a unique opportunity to network with the key people you may be trying to reach through more traditional communication avenues.

Maine is the 4th most rural state in the nation and our chapter is the one of the largest geographic chapters in the national HFMA association.

In ideal weather (which includes rutting season for our native moose) your company's drive time from the top of the state (Fort Kent) to the bottom of the state (Kittery) would exceed seven hours. If you were to apply that same drive time from our largest city (Portland, Maine) your company could have driven from Portland to Philadelphia.

Our geographically centrally-held education sessions allow you to maximize your company's time as well as that of your potential client.

Our association's name is healthcare and not just hospital financial management.

Our award winning educational sessions attract home health agencies, long term care providers, physician offices, and behavioral health professionals from across the state.


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